Philly Trip Day 3! (Wednesday, Nov 25, 2015)

December 8, 2015

Aurora De Lucia with Ben Franklin statue at Franklin instituteI freaking love Philadelphia!

As I was walking to the Franklin Institute from my hotel, I ran across Moses. There are these city ambassador people who just hang out and help you – like you’re in a living, breathing theme park!

He was so kind and helpful and sweet – telling me about Philadelphia, and his life, and all that fun jazz… and then he sent me on my way to the Franklin Institute!

I. love. the. Franklin. Institute.

I love it!

I was trying to tell a friend of mine how much I love and adore it. And he said, “I dunno. I’m not really into science.” I answered with, “You might think you’re not into science, but you haven’t been to the Franklin Institute.” He laughed and asked me if I worked for them now, and if not, when they were gonna hire me to help with their ad campaign.

There were facts everywhere! Even in the cafeteria, there were facts up about food! There’s so much to learn in this world!

There were exhibits where you could walk through a model of a human heart! There also was a live dissection of an animal.

There were brain games in the exhibit about the brain (which of course I was obsessed with solving – and did… let’s get real here).

Aurora and her new friend Moses being silly
(me and my new buddy Moses)

I can’t say enough great things about The Franklin Institute. Just go there.

Because it was so awesome, I gave a fair amount of my day to that place. (I mean, I had the time!)

After the Franklin Institute, I ran around to the Mutter Museum. (It basically showcases weird, interesting medical stuff. There was a phone number you could call to hear stories behind things…

It looks a little weird to be walking around a museum silently on your phone, but I think we all know what’s up. Also, I kept the phone number so I can hear weird medial stories whenever I want (even if I’m not looking at a specific instrument or what have you). You’re not allowed to take pictures in there. So, I’ve got nothing to show you. Sorry.

I also went by the Ben Franklin museum. He seems pretty interesting… (Of course, his museum is nothing like his institute – but what is? The Ben Franklin Institute may just be one of my new favorite places in the world.)

I also ran by the Curtis Center Dream Garden. (It’s just an art piece in some public building. I heard I should look at it – it is indeed pretty. And Philly is small, so why not check it out?)

Aurora with a goblet at City Tavern
(wish a goblet at City Tavern)

I also walked through Franklin Square. (I wanted to go through all 4 squares before I left – and I did).

Lastly, I had dinner at City Tavern. People said I had to try it, and they were right! It was deliiiiiicious. So good. So amazingly fantastically good.

It was themed so awesomely. The servers were in old-timey gear. All the dishes and silverware were very old-timey. And the menu featured things made from recipes from the founding fathers!!!! What?! How amazing is this place!

Since I still had some time left over, I went and got a massage (since I had done the marathon earlier that week and everything). I didn’t find out ’til later that I missed the tree lighting ceremony at the Philly Museum of Art (consarn it!). If I come back next year, I’m gonna be at that oh so hard.

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