Philly Trip Day 4! (Thursday, Nov 26, 2015)

Wednesday, December 9th, 2015
Aurora with Ben Franklin's star

(trying very unsuccessfully to take a picture with Ben Franklin’s star)

Welp, this day was Thanksgiving. Had I actually been smart (or at least used a little forethought and planning… as opposed to just “sure, I’ll stay another day! What else can I get in now?”), I would’ve saved the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall for that day (because barely anything was open on Thanksgiving.

I did step outside and give a quick little look to part of the Thanksgiving Day Parade. It was cool. I loved how into it everyone was.

I also finally took a little trip down Elfreth’s Alley. I’d said I was gonna do it, but there was never time… until the day everything was closed.

And as I walked around Philly looking for anything else to do, I also found the “Signer’s Walk of Fame.” I didn’t know that existed! …You know how we have the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Well, Philadelphia has one for the founding fathers.

Oh! And I did take the Big Bus tour, because it was in my City Pass and was still running on Thanksgiving. (Yay!) It was fun to drive around and get little extra facts – and to see how everything I’d been seeing kind of all fit together.

I tried to go to these two cheese-steak places listed in all these Philly guides. I’d been told they were open all the time always. But no. On Thanksgiving, they decided they weren’t busy enough, and they just closed. (What?)

So, I went back to my room and ordered room service. It was delicious, lovely, and decadent… Maybe wrapped in a robe watching hulu is the real way to do Thanksgiving!

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