Philly Trip Day 5! (Friday, Nov 27, 2015)

December 10, 2015

Aurora giving a look with her Genos steak bagAwww, the last day of the Philly trip! What a bummer. I looooove it there! (Love it!)

I had to get back to NY on this day. (I worked as an elf at Macy’s the next day.)

So, there wasn’t a ton that I did… In fact, I actually wasted some of my time because I dropped my phone and had to go to the Apple Store to get it fixed, which took a while.

But one thing I did do was have breakfast at the cheese-steak places!

I went to that place where Pat’s and Geno’s are right across the street from each other. (I’ve been told it’s a tourist trap, and I’m kinda of okay with that, as I sort of live for tourist traps.)

Aurora at Pat's king of steaksI *thought* I was going to like Pat’s better. The internet said Geno’s might be racist…? I mean, that’d be terrible. But also, is it? ‘Cause I never found any actual thing to back that up. But I don’t know…

Anyway, both places were willing to give me a Philly cheese-steak without any meat – which was awesome. But for some reason, Pat’s charged me extra. And the people at Geno’s seemed a little nicer – and even gave me a pen (that I totally still use – it’s a nice pen).

As far as the taste, I can’t even really smell, and am horrible at tasting things. And maybe it was just the ambiance/feeling that made me feel better about Geno’s…. But I think it tastes better. So, there you have it. Ba-bam!

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