It Was Tooooootally Irresponsible To Go To Philadelphia For The Week…

December 12, 2015

Aurora at the Love Statue[Note: I am STILL catching up. And this is a post from back in Nov/Dec. Anyway, here we go – ]

…And I don’t really care?

I mean, on the one hand, yes. I care. Of course I care. I need to get my life together, no doubt.

On the other hand, I had the time of my life that week.

I have been hemorrhaging money moving to New York – hotels, flights, moving expenses, the broker, all that jazz. My goodness.

Should I really have paid to stay in a hotel a mere 2 hours(!) from where I live for almost a week just because I love hotels, and I love Philadelphia, and I wanted a vacation?

Probably not… but I did!

And I had a fantastic time.

I’m kind of already failing BMI. So, I probably should’ve come back to meet with my composer and work harder on the next song.

I also should’ve started to unpack my apartment a little better…

But I just left everything as is. And I just figured I have more time with my composer. And I just went.

I feel like sometimes it’s a little hard to walk the line of how much escaping to do vs how much non-escaping…

I will say, while the lesson probably should’ve been “be responsible,” my old apartment building called and said, “We’ve accidentally been charging you a rent that’s too high for the last year, enjoy this rebate.” And they gave me enough money to basically pay for the trip I’d just taken…

I can’t expect that wonderful things are always gonna fall from the sky like that. But it was nice! And I’ll take it! I felt like I needed this trip. And I did it! Ba-bam!

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