The Short-Ish Story Of My Whole Life Changing/Moving To New York/BMI/Nightly Show – Whoa – Part 2 – First Day of BMI

Monday, December 14th, 2015
Smiling on what would be my first of many cross-country flights!

Smiling on what would be my first of many cross-country flights!

Picking up from last time –

I started making plans to fly back and forth to LA every week for BMI (on Monday nights).

In this short version of the story, that may not make tons of sense, but basically the reason I was going back and forth is because I had a super nice job in California, a deal on airline tickets, and I worked a Tuesday – Saturday schedule, because of the needs of the show I was on.

So, financially everything was going to work out without any consequences of any kind (financially or otherwise, as far as I could see). With no concrete prospects for jobs in New York, why not just stay at my union job in LA, rack up my money and benefits and jet set every week? Sounds fun to me!

I also started really using all my available LA time to knock things off my LA bucket list! The week of September 13 (the week after I got accepted to BMI), I finished my class at The Groundlings (and passed), went to a Simpsons table read, went to a Dodger game, and all that jazz.

Even with commuting, I was only going to be able to stay through the end of the calendar year. I knew my time would be coming to an end – probably before you knew it. So, I wanted to get all that LA stuff in!

Then on September 21, BMI started! I flew out for class on Monday and made it back to work for Tuesday.

asleep in the back of an uberOn that Monday, I had Planet Smoothie and a beautiful walk. I had a fantastic class. It was brilliant.

Everything went to plan and was lovely… I mean, I was exhausted on the way to work. But I was happy, and it worked out fine!

I thought about how I was going to commute every week – and try to be responsible… to make sure I still get workouts in, and that I try not to spend 80 million dollars at the airport every week (just in water, right?!) Ah, airports.

I also changed my twitter bio to reflect that I was now not only in BMI, but was living in both LA and New York! And I totally took a screenshot because I figured I’d never be cooler. I felt like the coolest ever – this bi-coastal person in this prestigious program. Little did I know soon enough I’d actually probably be slightly cooler even (whoa, right?!), as I’d be in the Jon Stewart family!

And we’ll get to that…next time.

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