The Short-Ish Story Of My Whole Life Changing/Moving To New York/BMI/Nightly Show – Whoa – Part 3 – Getting the Job At The Nightly Show

December 15, 2015

Aurora De Lucia at the Nightly Show deskPicking up from last time –

While I was at the airport leaving New York on September 22, I thought about how I really needed to start reaching out to people and doing a better job of casting out nets for things I needed there.

I wrote someone from The Nightly Show and heard once I got back to LA that she’d love to meet me. I was worried I’d missed my window by not being smart enough to write before I went to New York, as opposed to when I was heading out of town… but being that I’d be back less than a week later, thankfully it wasn’t the end of the world!

On September 28, I made the most of a full day in New York. I went to an audition for Waitress the musical. (Spoiler: I did not get the part.) I also went to check out an apartment ‘cause why not? I wasn’t really looking to move until January or so. But I had a job interview later (and that audition that morning). You never know what could happen.

And sure enough, something did happen.

I went to my job interview later, and in the interview my (now) boss said, “We love you. If you want this job, we need you to start tomorrow.”

They needed someone immediately, and I said yes!

…Or at least, basically yet – a yes contingent upon the salary that they’d email me about later…

It felt like I sat around twiddling my thumbs forever.

I’m pretty positive, if I remember the sequence of events, that after my interview, I went to Penn Station to re-charge my electronics and handle some stuff… I gave B and my dad the low down on everything.

And I waited to get word from the line producer of what the official salary was that they’d be offering.

I started going over negotiating advice in my head. I thought a lot about what I could accept and what I couldn’t.

I also, at some point, got an apartment viewing, and left Penn Station to go do that.

On the way to the apartment, I got the call from the line producer. They gave me the exact amount of money I thought was 100% fair to both parties. So, I just took it – straight up exactly what they offered.

And then the wheels really went in motion. I didn’t love that apartment, and as soon as I was done looking at it, I had to jump in a cab to do my best to be on time to BMI.

And this is where I’ll pick up next time.


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