The Short-Ish Story Of My Whole Life Changing/Moving To New York/BMI/Nightly Show – Whoa – Part 4 – The Whirlwind Of My Interview Day

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015

Aurora jumping underneath the Nightly Show bannerPicking up from last time –

In the cab, I got a whole bunch done. I cancelled my plane ticket and extended my hotel stay by a day. I called my boss in Los Angeles… “I am sooooo sorry. I’m not coming in tomorrow, or ever again.”

(Of course that’s not actually how I phrased it, but, you know…)

My poor boss was so super confused. “You’re where? You’re doing what?”

Since I always had Mondays off, she wasn’t even aware I was in New York or interviewing anywhere else.

And had it not been for all these crazy circumstances, I wouldn’t have been. I had a truly fantastic boss, and a very nice job. Of course, now I have an even better job. So, I’m happy… But I hope she knows I was soooo grateful for what I did have… I just… needed to be in New York.

I also called my roommate in LA. (This was in the final week of September.) “So… rent’s been paid. I have no idea when I’m coming back. We’re probably gonna have to add someone to the lease. My life is changing. More on this later.”

She was super cool about it, just kind of like, “Okay!”

I then went to BMI. My head was reeling, but I did a pretty good job of paying attention – still sitting front and center.

I even went out to the bar with everybody after class, because I knew how important that was – almost like it was still part of class… That’s the time to get to know everybody and everything. So, I went to the bar (even if sleeping was possibly a nice idea).

Then, I headed back to Jersey and back to my hotel by Newark airport.

When it was booked, I didn’t anticipate having to go back into the city the next day, or I probably would’ve picked a different place… And when I extended, I figured it was easier than moving right away. After all, it was cheap and I knew how to do that commute…

At the end of the week, I moved to midtown. Sure, I wanted to save money, but I was so over that commute (which added up itself).

Anyway, I can’t jump forward to the end of the week yet – since after all, we’re still on Monday.

I could hardly sleep in Jersey, I was so excited. But thankfully, I was so tired that I slept indeed.

The next morning, I woke up early, went to Macy’s, and bought a week’s worth of clothes.

Then I went to work.

And this is where I’ll pick up next time.

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