The Short-Ish Story Of My Whole Life Changing/Moving To New York/BMI/Nightly Show – Whoa – Part 5 –

December 17, 2015

Aurora on a flight to New York
(This was when I flew to my Nightly Show interview,,, and randomly had a whole row to myself… Little did I know, I was not coming home)

Picking up from last time –

That Tuesday (salad day – as everyone at work kept loving to tell me), I started my job… And I loved it.

On Wednesday, I looked at the apartment that became mine. (Thank goodness for my amazing realtor who let me see it at night – when so many people are day only…)

Ultimately, a bunch of craziness happened with the paperwork (ah, New York), and I signed the least on August 9th.

That Thursday, when I left work, I ran into the Daily Show crew and had a crazy awesome night. I’m doing it y’all! I’m becoming someone in the New York television world!

That weekend, (October 3), I went paint-balling for the birthday of one of the contributors on our show. It was super fun (and crazy because I slept in and missed the train and ended up paying way too much to take an uber out to Long Island – aye aye aye aye aye).

Then, over the next 3 weekends, I went home to Los Angeles for each one. I had two half marathons, a taping of Let’s Make a Deal (the zonk redemption episode), and of course I had to pack and say goodbye to my friends.

I slowly but surely did my best to move in. And for some crazy reason, I decided to work as an elf at Macy’s during the holiday season, because, you know, apparently I wasn’t busy enough. (Even though it added to the craziness, it was super fun.)

And I think that basically covers it…

Granted, this story is a little like Into The Woods. There’s a happy ending now – I got the job, got an apartment, and was so happy at BMI. But at some point, I’ll write all about what happens “after intermission.” (For now, though, let’s just enjoy this!)

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