My Two Failure Weekends In A Row – Part 1 – The First One

December 18, 2015

Aurora sick in NY selfie
(being sick one weekend)

Oof. So many stories. My goodness!

I’ve covered a lot of weekends, but working my way back now…

The weekends were all going well (or at least well-ish… I did mess up on that Long Beach marathon) for a while.

And then…

For one thing, I’ve gotten sicker more often in New York than I ever have.

I don’t know if it’s weather, or if it’s a bad reaction to stress, or what the deal is. (I’ve even gotten these weird red stress marks I’ve never gotten before too… It’s weeeeeird!)


There was a weekend (the first full weekend of November – the weekend of the 7th) when I was supposed to do a Spartan race with one of my best friends (in San Francisco), and I got preeeetty sick.

I was still willing to go. (I don’t want anything to stop me.) But my boss sent me home from work that Thursday because she thought I was too sick. And I only had to come in for a half day Friday.

So, even though I desperately still wanted to go – and to not let down my friend – I really thought it wasn’t necessarily cool of me to get sent home from work, and yet still travel across the country for the weekend. Sigh!

Of course, I didn’t actually decide this until the very last minute.

I literally got in a car headed to JFK, and was texting a friend in the back. Not only was I supposed to go to SF – I was also supposed to head down to LA for the rest of the weekend for one last goodbye with someone who wasn’t in town for my party. (It was someone I’m really close with – and after all, if you’re gonna fly all the way across the country for a race, might as well go just another short flight south).

My friend in SF already said she didn’t want to do the race because I was taking a later flight and was gonna get in late, and she wanted to be well-rested for her first race – not to mention, she didn’t want me racing while sick. So, that was kind of off the table. But I was texting my LA friend to see if at least that part of the trip should happen.

And we ultimately decided I shouldn’t do that either.

So, I went all the way to JFK… Just to turn around. That was failure weekend #1.

Failure weekend number two was the following one! …Which I will get to tomorrow.

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