My Two Failure Weekends In A Row – Part 2 – The Second One (The Paley Panel)

December 19, 2015

nightly show at paley centerThe following weekend (November 13 an 14th)…

*shakes head at self*

I went down to Philadelphia a weekend early. I thought I was going down for the marathon, but I went down on the wrong weekend! *eyes wide in disbelief at self*

I don’t think I’ve ever gone out of state on the wrong weekend for a race.

I guess there was just too much going on… or whatever excuses I wanna say here. The point is, I made a mistake. I went down the wrong weekend.

I went back up to New York *just* in time for the Paley Center panel about The Nightly Show.

At the time, I was still in the mindset that I wasn’t super fitting in at work. In fact, when I got there, a bunch of people were holding seats for each other in front, and no one had thought to hold one for me.

Of course… I didn’t specifically tell anyone to… But there was just something about everybody knowing each other, and loving each other, and looking out for each other… I just didn’t feel I fit in.

So, I went and sat farther up and kind of in the corner (as that was one of the final seats left available).

I loved the panel, but still was a bit tired and cranky.

After the panel, the staff could go back for the reception with Neil DeGrasse Tyson… and I didn’t go!

Everyone was posting these fantastic selfies, and alas, I didn’t get one… I was so stupid!

I was tired from getting up early and traveling back and forth for nothing. I thought I looked tired. And I was just tired and cranky. And I was especially cranky ’cause I didn’t feel I was fitting in at work.

[Edited to add: This is especially funny and ridiculous now, because working on The Nightly Show is the biggest part of my life. I really feel like I fit in there, and I absolutely love it. (I mean… I always loved it. But now I love it harder and more fully, without the hate or fear or whatever part.]

Anyway, two failure weekends in a row! Eesh. But then at least I did a marathon the following weekend. (Yay!)

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