(#22) Avenue Q Auditions (December 17, 2015)

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015

Another of the 52 performances in 52 weeks.

I think I’ve probably mentioned Avenue Q a ton in this blog… because I really love it.

Kate Monster is one of my dream roles. So, when I saw this audition on Playbill, I had to go for it!

When I was in high school (ah, high school ;)), I sang “There’s a Fine, Fine Line” at our final choir concert (when many juniors and seniors got to sing solo songs they chose – that was mine). And if memory (and compliments) serve, it was one of the finest performances of my life. (After all, my high school theater teacher and vocal director were in the audience… And I did get cast in a one-person musical after that.)

People thought I was truly heartbroken. And it’s because I was…

It was so (so so so so) silly to care so much. (I say that now. But I still care about things a ton, and I know I would care just as much now…) I guess what I really mean was it was so selfish to care so much about desperately wanting to be the last girl to bow in my senior musical. (Oh yeah, I’m hearing the selfishness – doesn’t make it any less true!)

Our teacher would sometimes leave potential shows and cast lists on her desk. And earlier… I think that very day… I’d needed to grab something out of our costume storage upstairs. And on my way up there, I happened to see Annie on the desk.

It was a real possibility Annie was going to be my senior musical (or at least it seemed like it would be).

One of my best friends in the universe (whom I love and visit all the time) would’ve been Annie. (We had slightly more of a rivalry back then, haha).

And when I sang “there’s a fine, fine line” that night, in my head I kept thinking, “There’s a fine line between being last and second-to-last to bow.” (Yes I am hearing how silly this is sounding!) “There’s a fine line between living in the theater for 3 years and having all your dreams come true… or choosing just to graduate early.”

I was so worried I wasn’t going to get any lead roles, and I had given my life to that place. (I mean, I was a teenager. I’d had a short life. But still. I put all my eggs in one basket, and it was everything to me.

And I sang “There’s a Fine, Fine Line” as though my life depended on it… And now when I sing that song, I can’t sing it any other way.

I will say, it’s slightly low for me. But I recorded my audition and felt pretty good about. (Oh yeah. I sang a song from the show, even though I don’t think that’s generally the way to go… This is my song!)

Buuuut… I didn’t get a callback. So, maybe this isn’t my song… Or maybe my performance isn’t as awesome as I love to believe it is… Who knows! Either way, I was happy to audition, and I hope to play Kate someday!

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