(#23) Elfing At A Department Store! (November/December 2015)

Sunday, December 27th, 2015
Aurora with nutcracker

(at the training day – not in the elf outfit or anything (obviously))

I’m counting this as my 23rd of 52 performances in 52 weeks.

I think we all know which department store I’m talking about… as I’ve mentioned it before. (And it’s the most famous Santa area in a department store in probably the whole country…

Aaaaanyway, this was a joy.

I had done this job for a season in college. And now that I was back in New York, I wanted to do it again!

It was a little silly, ’cause I didn’t totally super have the time, but I wanted to…

They no longer let elves have reindeer names, but because I was grandfathered in, I indeed got to be Vixen again!

Part of the reason I took this job was to meet more people in New York outside of school and my normal job, but that didn’t work out so well. I was doing possibly a little too much at once. So, I’d always roll in like 5 minutes before I started, leave immediately, and spend lunch working on my songs for BMI.

(Again, maybe not the super smartest idea to take this job, but I had a good time – a great time in fact.)

As we all know (because I’ve talked about it ad nauseam), BMI was a total mess, and even The Nightly Show was stressful craziness. [Edited to add: The Nightly Show became the greatest thing to happen in my life.]

But at the time, my life was crazy and my weekends saved me. I loooved going to work at Santa’s place.

There were crazy fun times. And there were even serious moments!

There was a family once when I was the photo elf… They had people all the way from baby to grandmother, and it was really hard to get everyone to look at the camera at the same time.

We eventually got an okay picture, and sent them on their way. Then they came back for a re-shoot.

The mom of the family told me, I’m really usually not this person. I’m so sorry. It’s just that my mom has pancreatic cancer. This is our last Christmas together, and our last family photo. And I just want it to be perfect.

The pressure was on! I was like, “Okay, it will be!” We worked hard and got one she liked.

Also, there was a man who used to come a whole lot. He’d recently lost his wife, and she was his only family. And he said he just didn’t know what to do or where to go without her. This was her favorite time of year, and her favorite thing to do was shop at this store.

As sad as I was to see him sad all the time, I was happy every time I saw him, ’cause I knew he was okay.

Anyway, we could talk little stories all day – but those were the two that stuck out most to me.

I really loved working there. I don’t know if it will be feasible to continue, but it’s super enjoyable.

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