Carry Your Medal Around For a Few Days After The Marathon!

Monday, December 28th, 2015

Aurora De Lucia with her medal at the Philadelphia history museumOne thing I kind of forgot to mention in all my Philadelphia posts is that my advice to anyone running the race is to bring your medal around for the rest of the weekend!

This is kind of funny because it’s kind of slightly counter-intutive-ish that you’d need to be prepared for pictures in Philadelphia…

‘Cause soooo many of the places you go are all, “no pictures! No pictures!”

Buuuut, then the other end of the spectrum exists too. For instance, at the Philadelphia History Museum, they have an actual picture frame for you to stand in!

Also, at The Constitution Center, there’s a whole hall of statues of some of the major players in the founding of our country…

I didn’t bring my medal to Constitution Center! (I wondered how many days I really wanted to carry it around, before it got weird.) Also, it made noise (which is super cool, but weird clanging while you’re sightseeing).

Other people took fun pictures of the Founding Fathers in marathon medals. But alas, not me… So, I did then bring it to the history museum and I got the picture in this post!

So, if I could give advice (if you want it), it’s bring your medal. Philadelphia’s into it.

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