The Bright Side-Ish Of Some Of The Failures

December 29, 2015

[Yes, this is yet another backdated post. I know it’s all coming out of order. and I’m so sorry and I’m doing my best to catch up as quickly as I can!]

Not too long ago, I talked about some failures. And before that, I talked about my epic failure at the Long Beach Marathon.

So, that’s embarrassing that that much failing is going on… (There’s a lot of succeeding too, though! So, let’s perhaps get happy about that.)

But what I’m pretty sure I neglected to put in my posts is that there were a couple of potentially good things that came out of the failures. (Yes, I know I’m half just trying to make myself feel better… But it’s still nice to see the silver lining!)

As far as the marathoning was concerned… I then did the Philadelphia Marathon. For one thing, I had the freaking time of my life in Philadelphia. And who knows if I would’ve ever gone otherwise. That place is my jam now. I’m ready to go to Philly anytime!

Also, I got to basically start a whole new project – because of a mistake.

I used to say I wanted to do a marathon every year for the rest of my life. But then, this year, because of that mistake (and moving), I ended up doing one not in California, but instead on the other side of the country…

And then I realized that I could just do a marathon every year in a different state! How awesome does that sound? It just so happened that my first 3 fell in different states (Ohio, Florida, California). Once we’ve added #4, I think we’ve cemented our pattern!

So, I’m pretty excited about that (though it’s gonna take a looooooooong time to get through all the states if I’m only doing one a year. There will probably come a point where I wanna up it to 4 or 5 so I can finish this project in a somewhat reasonable timeline… But, even if I finish when I’m in my 70s, that’d be fine, I suppose.

So, yeah.

And then, as far as the Spartan race was concerned… I really wasn’t thinking. My friend and I had chosen Sacramento only because it was close to her. Once I was sick and life was crazy, we could’ve easily moved to an east coast race! There was one in (historic) Fenway Park that same weekend! And maybe if I’d had an extra day to sleep, and only had to ride to Boston, instead of across time zones, I could’ve potentially done it… After all, I’m pretty sure it was a sprint distance.

So, it’s good that I now remember/learned the hard way that it is preeeeeeetty easy to change your Spartan registration (as we both did). There’s still a little fee, but it’s super possible (unlike in most races). And I’ve signed up for Fenway Park next year!

So, that mistake has gotten me more understanding of a race series I already thought/knew I loved… Aaaaand it’s led me to doing a race in a stadium (which I am soooo excited about).

So, there you have it. Some good out of some bad – that’s gotta be the way to look at stuff, right? Maybe? 😛

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