2015 In Review – Part 1 (The 4 Pillars)

Thursday, December 31st, 2015
(just one of my headshots... and looking into my soul for this year in review...)

(just one of my headshots… and looking into my soul for this year in review…)

I just looked back at my “year in review” posts from 2013 and 2014.

I didn’t even remember that I’d felt like such a failure in 2014 until I went back and read about it. I’ve been so entrenched in the life I live now and everything that’s been going on that 2014 feels like 18 million years ago.

After kind of looking over 2015, I gotta say, it really wasn’t too shabby – in fact, it was more than just not shabby. It was kind of amazing. Basically, everything happened.

I was gonna go by months, but I already did that in the Facebook album I linked to…. So, you know how I talk about how I like to live my life by the four pillars I think are important… Well, let’s go by those:

  1. Athleticism!
    I not only ran my fastest half marathon to date (on a tough course, even!) – later in the year, I ran an even faster half marathon (on another tough course in SF!).Also, I ran my first ULTRAMARATHON! I am so happy and proud to know I’ve run a 50-mile race. I’m still set on doing 100 (of course), but I feel good about 50, and I had an incredibly fun time!
  2. Community service/civil-mindedness
    I finished a project of 52 volunteer activities in 52 weeks! I learned a fair amount, and really enjoyed doing it! Volunteering has become a bit of a habit now. And that feels good.
  3. Smarts
    (Yeah, I realize it’s a little funny to phrase the smart person one “smarts,” but that’s kinda the point, right?)I actually… (gasp!) don’t have anything specific to point to for the “smarts” section. I had to mention it ’cause it’s one of the 4 pillars… But I didn’t take a class this year (that was 2014). 2014 was also when I got Hillary Clinton’s book signed (not that that makes me smart, but hey… reading!). So… maybe I need to work on the smarts thing a little next year…
  4. Creativity!
    I save the most important for last. And being creative is a huge thing that really matters in my life. Well, this year, I started a project of 52 performances of some kind in 52 weeks. I’ve gotten on stage more. I’ve performed something I’ve written. I took a whole bunch of improv classes, and even performed in a literal world-record-breaking show! Not to mention, I freaking got into BMI! This was a dream of my life – and a super creative endeavor.

    So, the pillars seemed strong this year… Or at least pretty strong-ish.

    And I’ll continue with a little more year-in-review stuff tomorrow.

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