A Christmas Trip To Disneyland! (December 25, 2015)

January 5, 2016

Aurora De Lucia smiling in front of Frozen fountain[Again, this is a backdated post. I’m working on catching up, y’all!]

I love Disneyland!

I wanted to squeeze in as much fun stuff as possible during this LA trip. A lot isn’t open on Christmas, so I thought, “Why not head down to Disneyland?!”

So, I did.

I’ve been to Disney before (…kind of a lot – I used to have a season pass, even!)

So, I’d seen and done a lot of Disney. So, this time around, my goal was to do any Disney stuff I hadn’t done.

I started off in California Adventure, since I usually spend all my time in Disneyland proper.

This ended up not being a good plan!

Aurora in front of a big Christmas tree at DisneyI saw on twitter – while I was California adventure – that Disneyland had reached capacity for the day!

If you’d been in already, you could stay and/or go back in. But (even if you had a park hopper) if you hadn’t gone in yet, you couldn’t go in!


You’d think I’d know enough about Disney. But no, apparently I didn’t, because I didn’t realize that on Christmas the park reaches capacity!

The twitter account said there might be more space on the park opening up later. So, I watched carefully and as soon as they said they were letting people back in, I sped over there – running from the far back side of California adventure to Disneyland.

In my day at both parks, I rode the upside down ride at California Adventure! (Upside down! I’m so brave!)

Aurora De Lucia on the main street of Cars LandI also went to the class where you get to draw a cartoon! (I drew Betamax… a bunch of ovals. So, it was potentially the easiest character they could’ve taught. But I still had a great time and felt a little special. ;))

In Disneyland proper, I rode Hyperspace Mountain! Oh, that’s right. Hyperspace! They changed it because of Star Wars!

The line was craaaaazy long. (I so didn’t do the day right – should’ve gone to Disneyland first and gotten a fastpass, then California Adventure, then come back, etc.)

I also got to ride It’s a Small World – with the Christmas decorations! During Christmastime, they do a mix of “It’s a Small World” and one of the many Christmas carols that exist. (Sorry that I don’t remember which one.) It was really cute though. And there’s a whole beautiful light show outside of It’s a Small World – which I got to ride through on the railroad ride through the park!

In the 1,001 things to do in Los Angeles, it says to get one of those celebration pins, so I got one for my half birthday! (They don’t have a half birthday one. So I just got a birthday one and wrote half on it.)

Even though Disney was pretty crowded, I thought it was a fantastic place to spend Christmas, and I’d be happy to spend Christmas there again anytime!

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