Universal Studios Grinchmas (December 26, 2016)

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

Aurora De Lucia getting licked by the Grinch at Universal Studios[another backdated post – thanks]

I love Universal Studios – love it. Heck, I’m a season pass-holder. Universal Studios is my jam!

And I have never been to Grinchmas… but now I have!

I took the studio tour, and there were things on this night (and holiday) tour that I didn’t remember from any of the other ones I’ve taken.

One thing (that I know is different) is when you get to Whoville, you have the Grinch and some Whovians doing a cool song and dance for you!

And two things (that I think are different, but I’m not 100% sure), are that I got to see Marilyn Monroe (or, of course an actress playing her ;)), with her skirt blowing over the grate. I also saw a guy on the set of Psycho very slowly walking, until he scarily ran up to our tram!

As far as the rest of the park is concerned, there was great entertainment in this Grinch area! There was a little Whovian boyband who sang one of my favorite Nsync songs (Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays).

Aurora De Lucia holding her Flaming Moe's drinkAlso Cindy Loo-Hoo was out and about taking pictures. And there was that awesome crooked tree in the middle of everything!

You also could even get your picture with the Grinch, which I totally did. He’s super funny the way he plays around with you (and hides you a bit from the camera, then pretends to lick your face, etc.)

You also could get your picture with Max the dog, but I think we all know I didn’t do that. (#AfraidOfDogs)

You even got to color and decorate little Christmas ornaments if you wanted. (I think that was probably more for kids, but the table was empty, and the employees were nice. So I totally made one. I was into it!)

And then, finally, I had a Flaming Moe’s! (And I totally had a Simpsons donut – as it’s basically not a trip to Universal/Springfield unless I have one. ;).) I know they’re bad for me, but goodness they are the best donuts in the world (in my opinion).

bathroom at the Universal Studios VIP experience

(in the swanky VIP bathroom)

I’d never had a Flaming Moe’s before (though I’d always said I wanted one!)… In fact, the last time I was there, they’d run out!

In case you’re wondering what it is… it’s not cough syrup and all that jazz… It’s orange soda, and it flames from dry ice that’s in a special separated part of the cup (with air holes in it) – so the effect comes through, but you’re not accidentally getting dry ice burning your mouth.

And then, as if they day hadn’t been wonderful enough, I got randomly chosen to take a survey, meaning I got to go check out the swanky VIP area by the front of the park. (And it was swanky indeed!) ‘Twas a lovely day!

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