WB Studios Tour (December 26, 2015)

Thursday, January 7th, 2016

Aurora De Lucia on the set of Central Perk from Friends[Yet another backdated post – I’m doing what I can y’all!]

Oh, I am tourist-ing it up y’all!

Trying to get tours and all that jazz in.

The Warner Bros tour was pretty suuuuper fun!

It starts with entering a building between two beautiful bronze statues of famous Warner Bros. cartoon characters (Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny).

Then, in the first room, there are movie and TV posters all around in all kinds of different languages.

We start in a theater where we see a little movie about Warner Bros. Then we all get on a tram.

The tour guide was super knowledgeable about everything and drove us all around everywhere. We saw some exteriors and got to walk around some interiors too.

We got to learn little factoids here and there. For instance, it seems chocolate milk was used as blood in Psycho (because it looked red in black and white).

Also, in Jurassic Park, there’s a shot where something falls on the car, and the kids are supposed to look scared… Apparently a crane actually broke, and that’s why the kids were terrified! They weren’t expecting that – and the fear was real!

This tour is perfect for you if you love Batman and/or Harry Potter.

(I was mainly there for the Friends experience, but we’ll get to that in a second.)

Aurora De Lucia with a batmobileFor Harry Potter fans, there’s a big costume exhibit (that has some Batman stuff as well). While in the big costume place, you can get sorted into your house. I got Slytherin. (I still don’t understand the Harry Potter houses. Some people told me Slytherin fits me to a T. Others say I’m Hufflepuff all the way. As far as I know, you all are just making up words. :-P)

There’s also a huge warehouse place where there are a bunch of different cars from Batman movies. (I’ve seen one Batman movie, so all of this stuff was out of my wheelhouse – but it still looked cool!)

One part that was cool for me was going to a set… Well, going to the audience area of a set haha.

We got to see the set of The Big Bang Theory from afar. They answered questions and explained little things about the sets (and what existed and what didn’t and what existed in other places, and all that jazz).

And then *drumroll* we got to go to the Stage 48 experience. There were greenscreens with a Harry Potter broom and a Batmobile-type motorcycle thing… aaaaaand most importantly (to me), you could get your picture taken on the set of Central Perk. You also could go to a Central Perk they had there and get a coffee! (I did both.)

There also were costumes around from Friends, and there were little factoids around about Two and a Half Men. I loved the tour! I’d totally recommend it. (I’d especially recommend it if you love Harry Potter or Batman… But I recommend it even still if you’re not. I barely know anything about those franchises, and I still had a fantastic time!)

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