The Queen Mary Chill (December 29, 2015)

Friday, January 8th, 2016

Aurora outside a ride that came from Neverland Ranch[Yet another backdated post… I’ve been sitting in the back of Wheel of Fortune auditions for hooooours, so I’m trying to catch up on this, as best I can…]

I have been talking about going to The Queen Mary Chill literally for years. So, on this trip home, I thought, “I better make this happen, consarn it!” …And I did.

I will say, I think possibly since I had expectations that were way to high (waiting years and all), it didn’t necessarily live up to my them. It was still fun! But I wouldn’t make this one of my “must-do” things in LA during the holiday season (as there is sooo much to do)…

But everybody’s different! So, this may be worth it for you (esp. if you perhaps are traveling with kids, and if you maybe don’t like big true theme parks).

Paintball yeti hugging AuroraThere was an ice kingdom with very impressive sculptures! The music was great too (and I randomly ran across the sound designer on instagram and was able to tell him that!). There also was an ice slide that was surprisingly scarily awesome.

Probably my favorite part of the whole experience was a ride outside of chill that said it was brought from Neverland Ranch! (What?!) I mean, it was just a normal ride going around that you’d see at many carnivals (or even very similar to the Silly Symphony at Disneyland).

I also did a little paintball thing, where you try to hit this yeti snowman guy. When I went in there, I didn’t realize there was going to be a real person traipsing around.

When I first hit him, he reacted pretty big (probably because he’s an actor and supposed to). But I felt bad and I turned to the people and was like, “Oh, come on. Violence isn’t the answer…)

Aurora on the largest rocking horse croppedAnd I started hitting everything around the yeti. Then at the end, he came out and hugged me, which I thought was really cute. We had a good time.

Some of the other things to do included going through a maze… I was pretty into it at first, until some of the clues were incomplete or missing. And when I asked an employee if that was part of the deal, they told me they basically had no idea about anything having to do with any clues. So… hmmm. Okay, then.

I also decorated a snowman cookie, but did a super poor job. I think if you’re gonna opt for the cookie decorating, it might be more fun to just spend the extra money and get a gingerbread house. I’ve never decorated one, and I’d really like to.

I also waited in an absurdly – absuuuuurdly – long line to ride the world’s tallest rocking horse. I don’t know why that was so important to me. I did it, so yay and all. But it was so unnecessary. [*laughs at ridiculous self*]

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