Crazy New Year’s Eve (December 31, 2015) – Aquarium, Go Karts, Knott’s, Legoland, Oh My

Sunday, January 10th, 2016


I’m gonna talk a lot about the Los Angeles Go Card in an upcoming post… So, we will get to my whole ridiculousness about it… But for now, I’ll talk about New Year’s Eve…

I was trying so hard to fit everything in that I basically didn’t fit anything in… if that makes sense.

In the morning, I started at the Long Beach Aquarium. I did a behind-the-scenes tour, which was pretty darn cool! Our person who took us around was sooo cool – super knowledgeable and fun. I got to feed some fish from above this huge tank!

After that was over, I went to K1 Go Karts.

I’m not huge into Go Karts, but it was sort of on the way to Anaheim, and I wanted to get in everything I could from the Los Angeles Go Card! So, I stopped on in.

I wasn’t great at Go Karts. I think I came in second-to-last. It was pretty fun, but over before you know it… And then it was time to go to Knott’s Berry Farm.

I stopped into Knott’s because on the Go Card, you had to check in to every attraction before 5. So I stopped in literally just to get my re-admit stamp. Then I headed down to Legoland.

At legoland, I mainly just walked around and saw some cool figurines. I rode one ride and the family I met in line was super nice. Then I went to the “lego drop” (as opposed to the ball drop).

It wasn’t really as huge of a deal as I expected, and it fell from not a super tall place… I guess this is what happens when you go to a place that’s catering to an under 12 crowd. The kids probably thought the ball drop was huge. 😛

Then I headed back too Knott’s Berry farm (after a quick stop at the Veggie Grill by Legoland… Mmmmm (Theme park food can be hard-ish to eat all day, right? Maybe not always, as there are some healthy options now… But I was happy for Veggie Grill!).

The park was SO crowded that the only things I did were stop by the schoolhouse and ride one ride. (It took hours to ride one ride.)

So, New Year’s eve at theme parks I’ve learned seems a little crazy (so crowded!).

But what was weird is that Legoland seemed pretty crowded, and Knott’s was suuuuper crowded. But I got an email from Universal saying they were opening up the blackout date! Was no one there? Is it bad or good to go to theme parks on New Year’s Eve?

I’m gonna go with bad (I think)… I left Knott’s before midnight (before the ubers super skyrocketed). And that was my New Year’s Eve…

It was all right, but it was silly… which again, I’ll get into more once I talk aaaaall about the Go Card.

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