Theme Park Day! (aka New Year’s Day) – January 1, 2016

Monday, January 11th, 2016

Alex and Aurora at Six Flags on Full ThrottleOne of my best friends (and one of the coolest dudes I know), Alex, and I went to Six Flags for New Year’s!

Neither of us knew this at the time, but that was an amazing day to go! There were barely aaany lines in the morning!

We now refer to New Year’s Day as theme park day, because I think everyone is either hungover, or starting their New Year’s Resolutions… but whatever they’re doing, they’re not off celebrating.

And we were!

Six Flags was doooooope. I’ve never necessarily been the biggest roller-coaster person, but after this day I was! Alex is brave. He was ready to ride anything, so I did too!

I was going to list all the rides we rode and say which ones were scary or awesome… but they were all scary and awesome!

There also was even a snowfall at the end of the day!

I thought I was gonna make some big long post, but really that’s all I need to say.

New Year’s Day = theme park day.
Alex & I = Super Brave.
Roller-coasters = Super Fun.

The end!

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