Some LA Adventure Odds & Ends: Ice Skating At The Staples Center & The Grammy Museum (And Grove Snow)

January 12, 2016

Aurora at the Staples Center skating rink 1There’s a cool dinner and skating thing that goes on at LA Live!

You’d think I would’ve known about this already – being that I’ve lived in that area forever! But no. I learned about it (and did it!) this year in my LA vacation.

It was actually a pretty good deal too! We got some great food, and some VIP skating (which I think means we got a shorter line) for a reasonable price.

My friend Billy was pretty great at skating.

I was terrible. Really terrible. I held the side a lot. But I made it around the rink a few times!

As far as the Grammy Museum goes, it was yet another thing on the wonderful LA Go Card!

There was a cool Frank Sinatra exhibit.

Michael Jackson memorabiliaMy three favorite parts of the museum were:

1) Michael Jackson memorabilia! His letter jacket from Thriller is there.

2) You can see Grammy’s throughout the year. (The first ones used to be black, not gold!)

3) There’s a section where you can play some (mainly electronic, but still cool) instruments! I love hands-on stuff.

I also liked the part where they drew attention to non-musicians involved in the Grammy’s and showed Jon Stewart’s appearance in his underwear.

Going to the Grammy museum was a wee bit tough because I know I want an empire and all that jazz, but if I had to distill my dreams down to really one thing… I want to work in the music business – as an artist.

If I could have any single thing in this world, I would be playing Madison Square Garden.

So, while it’s fun to be a tourist sometimes… when it butts up right against what I actually want to do with my life, and it’s pointed out to me how much others are doing (and what I’m not)… it can be tough. So… anyway… the Grove snowfall!

Jon Stewart in his underwearI wanted to see the snowfall at The Grove, ’cause I heard it was awesome. So, before my good friend’s improv show, I made a little stop off kind of out of my way, but close enough that I figured I’d go for it.

I sauntered around until the scheduled time drew closer, and sure enough it started snowing everywhere.

I don’t know why I sought out so much fake snow everywhere I could get it in LA, when I could’ve just stayed on the east coast to potentially get some real snow (though I did hear it didn’t snow that much, if at all)… But nonetheless, the fake snow at The Grove is aaaaaawesome. And it doesn’t surprise me that it’s a thing people recommend to do in LA. I recommend it too! (Along with a delicious vegan cupcake from the farmer’s market next door… Mmmmm)

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