Sony Pictures Studio Tour (January 4, 2016)

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

Aurora De Lucia posing with Men In Black cutoutsThis tour was my jaaaaaam! I loved this!

There were some cute cutouts in the lobby. (You can see the Men in Black ones in my picture.)

Then, on the way to the bathroom, there was a hall chock full of cool movie posters and such. “Whoa. Sony did that? And that? And that?” I thought as I walked through them all.

On the tour, we got to walk all around the lot. We saw the area where they keep a bunch of Oscars. We also saw the beautiful rainbow that can be seen all around Culver City. (Apparently there was some kind of deal that that public art installation had to be put in, in order to use certain land, or something like that.)

One cool part was that we got to go to the sets of Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! We even got to stand at a fake Jeopardy podium, for a photo opportunity. In the Jeopardy area, we also got to see what Alex Trebek sees at his podium – along with the kind of notes he keeps and everything.

Aurora De Lucia with the Breaking Bad RVIn addition to the game shows (which I was so into), we got to go on the set of a sitcom. (The one we visited was The Goldbergs.)

We also got to see the Barbara Streisand soundstage. I believe it was on this soundstage… though I kind of forget… that there’s room for a whole big orchestra… and John Lasseter’s shirts were hanging up (like retired Jersey’s would be). We also got to see a big foley room.

And there were a bunch of cool cars we also got to take pictures with – the Talledega Nights car (I looooove that movie), the Breaking Bad RV, a Ghostbusters car, and more.

Basically, Sony is awesome and has done a lot of awesome stuff, and I loved walking around there! (And I loved that it was a walking tour, as opposed to a riding one.)

Yay Sony!

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