Other Tiny Stories From My LA Holiday Trip

Friday, January 15th, 2016

Aurora with her reindeer pancake at Denny's*contented sigh* I had such a fun time in Los Angeles.

There were stressful moments, because so many people were on vacation… And it was hard to find times to fit everybody in (since I was there so much longer than most people), and plans kept changing a lot. So, it was potentially easy to get wrapped up in that sometimes, and get a wee frustrated.

But ultimately, it was a beautiful trip.

Aurora De Lucia in her hot tubI went to work out a ton. (I looove my old workout haunts! And they have so many more places downtown now! It’s crazy how much stuff has grown down there!)

I also went to Denny’s with a fab friend of mine (who’s in my phone partially as “best friend” (with his first name)). (Ah, I love Denny’s!)

I also got to just hang in our hot tub for a while. (I miss that in New York, for sure!)

I also stayed up ’til past 3 in the morning playing Monopoly with friends from high school, which reminded me of ol’ fun times!

Ah, holidays in LA. That’s always been my favorite time in LA and it was nice to go home for them again!

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