The Los Angeles Go Card – My Itineraries (Day 1)

Saturday, January 16th, 2016
Aurora holding her Flaming Moe's drink

(at universal studios)

When I went back to LA for the winter break, I wanted to TOURIST IT UP!

And goodness, did I.

I found this thing called the Los Angeles Go Card, and I most definitely became a little obsessed with it.

The deal is, you pay one flat rate for a certain number of days of attractions (and you get two weeks to use them).

I played and played and played with trying to fit a ton in – especially with all the extended holiday hours and such.

As I mentioned in one of my posts, I tried to get too much in in one day. And all the money I was “saving” with the Go Card, I was toooootally wasting on Ubers.

Logically, I did know and realize this. I more just wanted to “win” at the Go Card, and was totally using it as a game – which is not necessarily the best way to go sightseeing…

I did some of it correctly, and some of it incorrectly.

Basically, here was my itinerary:

Day 1:
Grammy Museum
Universal Studios (just to get a hand stamp)
Los Angeles Zoo
Warner Bros Tour
Universal Studios (closing it down)

Pros of this itinerary:
– All that stuff is basically in the same area (except the Grammy museum – I only started there because I love so super close-by that I figured might as well try to squeeze it in, in the morning).
– Because of Universal Studios extended hours, I still felt like I got a whole bunch of time at the park (and surprisingly, not a ton of people were there the day after Christmas).
– All of the things in this itinerary were pretty fun!

Would I Recommend This Itinerary?
Yeah, basically, I would.
I think the Grammy museum part was probably a little unnecessary. I didn’t super love it and it was out of the way. (You could’ve started at the zoo earlier without the Grammy museum – and there’s a whole bunch to do at the zoo.) But, it depends what you like and what you’re doing on the other days.
If you do go to the zoo, I would recommend petting the hippos. I mean, if you’re already going, might as well pay the extra $15… if that’s something that interests you. There’s also special zoo stuff happening at Christmastime (such as ice sculptures – which I didn’t get to see, but should’ve probably fit in. Maybe next year (and I’ll let you know how they were!).

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