The Los Angeles Go Card – My Itineraries (Days 2 & 3)

Sunday, January 17th, 2016

Aurora pretending with fake Jack NicholsonPicking up from yesterday

Day 2:
Long Beach Aquarium (with the backstage tour – which is not included in the Go Pass))
K1 Go Karts Ride
Knott’s Berry Farm (again, just to grab a hand stamp)

Pros of this itinerary:
The tour was cool (and was only an additional something like $20, I think), and I felt cool visiting two theme parks in one day.

Cons of this itinerary:
There just was not enough time at Knott’s Berry Farm. I only got to ride one ride and it was craaaaazy crowded.

Would I Recommend This Itinerary?
Not totally, no. For me, even though the people at the Go Karting place were nice, and it was fun enough (and pretty quick), it was needless time spent in the day… for me. If you love Go Karting, then of course, by all means, go for it!
I also thought that while the aquarium tour was cool, it made my morning start a little later than it would’ve without the tour. And I think if you are gonna pick an extended-hours day at theme parks, I’d consider just going to Knott’s early, riding stuff, having fun, getting your handstamp, and then Lego-landing it up, then back to Knott’s.
I think conceivably it’s possible to do both of those parks in one day, but I personally wouldn’t recommend doing more – if you want to get at least sort of a chance to explore them both. But hey, you do you!

Note though!:
Legoland was actually giving free return tickets for the future (I think basically the month of February). So, if I lived in LA and had a car, it would’ve been worth it (I think) to run and grab my return ticket, so I had a free full day of Legoland, then get back to Knott’s… and I think especially had I not Go-Karted for no reason, that would’ve given a more full day t Knott’s, made more sense, gotten some value, and been kinda worth it.

Day 3:
Sony Tour
Dolby Theatre
Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum
Red Line Tour
Hollywood Movie Star Home Tour

Pros of this itinerary:
Once I got to Hollywood, everything was very much in the same area. And I think doing the Go Card by neighborhood works really well.

Cons of this itinerary:
I really have no interest in movie star homes. I was just trying to add something else purely ’cause I was in the area and it was on the go card. So, I wouldn’t recommend that, but hey, some people love it.

Random story of this itinerary:
Originally, I wanted to do the Hollywood Museum, then run to Six Flags after this. That way, every single day, I would’ve done enough with the Go Card that my entrance fees would be more expensive than the card itself (every single day I used it).

However, the Hollywood Museum was closed that day. (I’d changed my itinerary so many times, I didn’t stop to think it might be closed on Mondays.)

So, that $11, or whatever pretty small amount it was, was going to prevent me from reaching my money goal of the day. So, I skipped Six Flags and thought, “eh, I’m already in Hollywood. Let’s just chill out on this bus ride while I sort some picture.”

Would I Recommend This Itinerary?
Kind of. As I said in my blog post about this day, Madame Tussaud’s is really a place to go if you have someone else. I don’t necessarily think all these things are the best things to do in Los Angeles, but they’re interesting… And I did love (love love!) the Sony Tour. So, that one I’d recommend a million percent… There are just some other things you might be able to put with it.

And tomorrow I’ll talk strategy of the Go Card in general.

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