Some Random Little Los Angeles Go Card Stories

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

[Still a back post from January. I know. I know. I’m trying! Aye aye aye.]

I’ve talked at length about the Go Card. (I was totally obsessed with it and planning and everything… to an unhealthy degree, perhaps.)

Well, here was a random little story about what happened on the morning I first tried to use it. I bought the GoCard the day I wanted to use it… and it wouldn’t download. And it wouldn’t print. And I couldn’t get access to it. And I spent forever on hold with customer service.

And I was like an hour late to the start of the day (which kind of threw off the “schedule” and the zoo a little and everything…

I really thought this was gonna be a real story. But that’s really all there is to say. I planned it so I kinda had to start that day. The GoCard people offered to just give me my money back, but I wanted to explore Los Angeles, consarn it!

So, I guess the moral of the story is buy your GoCard a day early to make sure it downloads? I’ve never heard of it being a problem any other time… So, it actually probably doesn’t matter.

Also, I feel like sometimes doing stuff early isn’t good, as plans change and it feels like I’m losing money sometimes. Yet other times, doing stuff late isn’t good because it gets messed up or you miss out. I suppose there is no moral to this story other than the morning was a bit of a rough patch… And I didn’t say that in any other blog post. So, now we all know!

My other little tiny stories are that I tried to really use it for all it was worth. So, I even went to the Grove to get the free poster. (I learned the free poster is for everyone, not just GoCard holders…)

But it was interesting to me that even though I’d been to The Grove a million times, I’d never been up to the visitor center. I didn’t even know it existed! (And that there are free posters for anyone who wants them.)

I also even tried going to the Beverly Center for the little shopping passport… But the Steven Madden discount wasn’t good on any of the shoes I wanted…

Oh well. I used the GoCard basically as much as I could. I saw a lot, and really enjoyed some movie studio tours (which I probably wouldn’t have thought to do otherwise). So, yay GoCard!

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