(#21 and #28) – BMI It’s A Wonderful Life Assignment & Re-Write (November 30th & January 11)

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

These are numbers of my 52 performances in 52 weeks. I’m trying to combine some of them because there’s not enough to say for each one to have their own blog post.

As far as this one goes, basically, I was partnered with a genius – a total freaking genius… possibly one of the most talented people in the class.

Our assignment was to write a charm song from It’s A Wonderful Life. She asked if I wanted to write in the spot where the mortgage company closes for the day – getting then to remain open.

She titled the song “We’re Closed But We’re Open.” She came up with a fantastic melody. I filled in words I liked (and other people seemed to like), but it’s kinda easy to fill someone’s genius in.

As far as how the performance went – during the original, the two of us sang two parts each (and just kind of held up sign to say who we were then). Since we had more time to prepare the re-write, she wrote out harmonies and we got some people. She didn’t perform in the second one, and I played cousin Tilly…

And that’s it. I don’t actually have anything (really) to say about this. (See how combining’s gotta happen?) So, now I’ll move on to the next one…

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