I Never Thought I Would Say I Missed LA… (Part 1 – The Little Things I Forgot About)

January 27, 2016

[NOTE: I am *still* catching up on blog posts from the past. So, this feeling has subsided pretty much a lot at this point (though of course I still do miss home). But the point is, this is a post from December that’s only posting now. Sorry. This will still continue to happen for a few more weeks xoxo]

And I’m still not quite sure how to say it – or even how to feel it.When I was there full time, I complained all the time about how hot it was, and the “LA Language” where you have to translate and guess what people mean (eg how “Let’s Do Lunch” is “Let’s Never See Each Other”).

I complained about how spread out it was, and how smoggy, and all that jazz.

And I bet if I still lived there full time, I’d complain about it still…

But I didn’t realize somewhere secretly in my time living there… I sort of fell in love with it A LITTLE – just a little bit. (It’s possible maybe I have Stockholm syndrome? And I’m okay with it. I’m embracing it.)

I never really realized how comfortable I got living there – and how many little things you have when you live full time in a place.

For instance, I am not great about getting my eyebrows waxed. But – if I have a special event going on, I know where I get them waxed. (In fact, I have a place and a backup place. (European Wax Center rocks my socks, and there’s a surprisingly great kiosk in Macy’s… [And yes, I am aware both of these things probably exist in New York])

I don’t often get massages. But if I want one after a marathon or something, I know exactly where I go and which massage therapist I like to use. (The downtown Ritz Carlton spa is swanky and awesome.)

I know where I get my haircut and dyed (even though I am so indecisive about what I want every single time). (Thanks for being cool, Salon 11!)

It’s all those little things that you don’t do that often that I’ve started to realize in New York, “Oh, I don’t know where to do any of this. I have no comforts of home here.”

And it’s not that big of a big deal. I’ll find those things. But there’s something nice of feeling like you’re at home – of not constantly making new decisions or figuring out new things. Every time I start to feel a little settled of “okay, now I knew where I do this or this,” I realize there’s another thing I need…

Then there  are also the little things you do all the time that you also have to figure out.

I’ll pick up there tomorrow.

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