I Never Thought I Would Say I Missed LA… (Part 2 – The Daily Things I Didn’t Forgot About)

Thursday, January 28th, 2016

Picking up from last time –

In LA, I know where I get my dry cleaning done. (Thanks, CleanCierge! You’re amazing.)

I know all the workout places where I loooove to go. (Pure Barre Hollywood. Jake is my favorite instructor there… Lindsey at AIR Aerial Fitness kicks my butt. I love it. I love all the Bar Methods and Pop Physiques around town. Club Pilates is cool. I’ve got workout jams in basically every neighborhood.)

I have my normal hang out spots/theaters where I like to spend some free time. (The Groundlings Wednesday nights are my favorite. I also love spending time at iO West, etc.)

I have my favorite vegan place. (Native Foods!!!) That, I’ve found in NY though (’cause it needed to happen ASAP. By Chloe is fantastic.)

Anyway,, I just… I didn’t realize how much I made it home until all of a sudden… it wasn’t.

That’s also true just in my unroll.me emails of newsletters I get… As I scroll through, it’s all these volunteer opportunities. Or stuff from the Mayor’s office. Or workout deals, etc. And I just thought, “goodness, it feels like I did a lot here now that I’m gone and see all this residue.” It also feels like, “Goodness! there’s a lot to do here in New York.”

And I haven’t unsubscribed from everything because I go back a lot. I kind of want to stay in the loop. I spent years cultivating my life and who I am and what I do. I like that stuff is just delivered to my inbox without me having to go looking for stuff. So, I’m just gonna keep seeing it… which doesn’t make the transition any easier.

I still can’t believe it’s hard at all! I just did not see that coming!

My new analogy for LA is that it’s sort of like super rich decadent ice cream. If you have it four times a year, it’s like, “My goodness this is delicious! I’m so happy to be enjoying this right now!” If you have it every single day with no end in sight, it’s like, “Owwwwww this hurts.”

(Or at least, I think that’s how it is for me. Some of y’all feel that way about New York. But LA is my ice cream city… I think.)

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