My Downfall At BMI – Part 1 (My Beautiful, Perfect First Few Weeks)

February 2, 2016


I’m a little hesitant to talk about this because the story involves other people (and I try to generally stay away from talking about too specific of people on the blog without getting their approval – though in this instance, I’ve done a pretty good job of no real specifics, I think).

Also, this story isn’t truly over (even though it might feel like it is). And I don’t always love to tell these sort of chapter multi-part story deals before they’re complete.

But, this is what’s going on in my life. And it’s obviously at the forefront of my brain. So, now that I’ve done that rambling preamble, so you’re probably gone, and nobody’s listening anyway, I might as well feel free to get it all out. 😉

As you probably know (because I did practically a billion-part series about how ridiculously excited I was), I got into the BMI Musical Theatre Workshop and it was the biggest deal ever for me.

I came into that first class all smiles, wearing my favorite dress, having had my favorite smoothie from my favorite place (which didn’t even exist in LA at the time, so yay, New York!).

Random side note: A young European man on the subway (who looked like he would be the exact casting of “handsome young European man on the subway”) told me, in his lovely accent, how super cute I looked in my favorite dress on my way to my first class.

I asked a stranger outside of the building to take a picture of me, and she was lovely and sweet. It was a brilliant day from top to bottom.

When we got in to BMI, there were these black portfolio notebook things emblazoned with BMI for us. I took a picture of mine and cherished it so.

I sat in the 3rd seat from the center (as I always like to do in every class I take).

I remember during the mid-class break, a few of us went to the kitchen area to fill our water bottles. I looked out the window and saw the New York City skyline. It was beyond-words beautiful – all the gorgeous tall buildings with the empire state building glowing at me.

I commented about how ridiculously lucky we were to be in the greatest city in the world studying musical theatre.

[*makes the most contented sigh remembering this loveliness*]

In fact, the first four weeks were pretty spectacular.

The first two weeks were lectures. And I sat forward (in the front row) paying super attention and taking notes.

We wrote a mock song together as a class, and they asked for a premise. I called out two junior senators of different parties being roommates in Washington DC (so, like a political Odd Couple, I suppose). People liked it, and we used it. And I even got compliments after the class about my creative ability.

I was doing well at the bar, it seemed. I felt I was getting along with people, and I was getting to learn a lot about this interesting group of people…

It was so, so lovely – exactly what I pictured and more!

Let’s live in this perfect moment for just a little while longer, please.

And we’ll start up tomorrow with how I was destroyed.

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