My Downfall At BMI – Part 2

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

Picking up from last time –

Ah, wouldn’t it be nice to live in that perfection moment forever? I wish I could, but alas, it has passed. Real life is here kicking us in the butt.

The first four weeks were pretty spectacular.

One thing I liked was I was getting to learn about this interesting group of people. And after so many years in LA where I did a ton of TV and not a lot of theater, it was nice to get back to being around a group of sort of “theater kids.” (You know the personality type I’m talking about, :-))

In the two weeks after the lecture, we saw groups perform. I continued to take notes, as I tried to learn names of people in the class (as basically the kind of hushed super non-official ratings of everyone were beginning to happen around the room).

My relationship with my composer was pretty darn contentious. I’m not gonna point fingers or whatever. We just didn’t agree on anything. His style is much different than mine.

I remember once him asking me about something were thinking of doing with our song. And he asked, “When does that happen in a musical theatre song?” I gave him examples from Avenue Q and Book of Mormon. He said, “I don’t want to write Avenue Q or Book of Mormon.” That was the moment I really knew, “Oh, we are not the correct partners for each other.” He’s allowed to have whatever taste he wants. He doesn’t have to like those shows – but for me, those shows are the pinnacle of what I want to do in musical theater.

We just did not agree on anything.

And I’ll pick up with more not agreeing next time.

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