I Got To Edit An Episode Of The Nightly Show!

February 11, 2016

Aurora editing an episode of The Nightly ShowEeeeee!

Tonight, my boss let me do the main editing for our show!

(And thank goodness my blog still posts on California time, ’cause there’s still time to tell you all about it!)

On Tuesday, she let me do kind of a dry run where she showed me how she makes choices and gets the show to time and everything. I was in the driver’s seat part of the way, and she was for the other part.

But this time – oh this time, she really let me do it!

I watched the show with her. I took notes in the way that I learned was helpful. I started making marks in Avid almost immediately after the act was over. Then she came back after the postmortem, filling me in on what the execs said to cut.

And then… she left me alone. She totally trusted me and left the bay.

(She is the *perfect* mix of helpful and letting you fly. My boss is the best – not just because this is a public blog, but because she really is. It’s so comforting to know that if she ever overhears any of us having a conversation about her, it’s all good stuff – always. I know, blah blah blah. Lame for strangers to read, probably. Still true!)

She came back in once the edits were done (before we cleaned them up – just to make sure I was indeed to time and that she liked what I’d done). Then I cleaned them up. She gave me some pointers and I fixed anything she wanted. (I also added in all the bleeps of swear words.)

Then she gave me the low-down on how to fill in the ticket bumper and act 4 and credits and all that jazz. Did all that. Put it together. Then we fed our acts to the control room downstairs.

There was a swear word that wasn’t marked on our cheat sheet. We all heard it as it transmitted downstairs. So, I even learned how to fix something and just re-lay that one part.

Then we headed on down to the control room to watch the whole show be transmitted to Comedy Central (since they’d be editing that night).

It was incredible! Work I’d done was seen on television (that night)! You can watch the episode on hulu. I took out whole minutes of conversation. There’s even a part where I took the beginning of one question Larry asked and put it with the end of a totally different question. Did you notice? 😉

I feel like such a super happy grown up (but obviously not too grown up ever). Yay!

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