THE Pep Talk To End All Pep Talks

February 29, 2016

There could not have been a better time for this.

Saturday, I got to meet with someone I look up to and admire oh so much.

And I got the pep talk to end all pep talks. We talked for a while (a fantastic, real, wonderful conversation – not just one big pep talk haha).

At the end, I felt talented, and powerful, and awesome – and just things I’ve had a super hard time feeling lately.

It was oh so lovely.

One of the best parts was that we took a walk through Central Park. I looked around at gorgeous New York and I thought, “What is my life right now? I am walking in Central Park, looking at all these beautiful tall buildings, talking to this riveting person I really look up to, having one of the best conversations I’ve ever had.”

[I mean, you couldn’t even write that into a movie script. The moment was so perfect. How could it possibly be real?]

And when I mentioned how magical that was, he just kinda stated, “Hey. This is your life now. You’re here. You’re in New York. You’re doing it. It’s great to still have that excited thankful feeling, but you don’t need to be so shocked. You’re really talented and driven. You’ve worked hard. And. You. are. here. Doing it. This is your life.”

(That was one of the brilliant parts of the pep talk.)

“This is your life.” It’s weird that I would need to hear that, right? And I know I’ve talked about this a little, but I have had a bit of a hard time feeling like this is an actual extension of my life – not a super duper long sleep-away camp that I make last as long as I can until I have to go home.

No. It’s possible I could be in New York forever… maybe! This isn’t sleep away camp (no matter how much it might feel like that sometimes). For now, this. is. my. life.

*Contented sigh* I just want to live in this moment of this brilliant pep talk forever.

I’m gonna really take in and try to really hold onto and believe everything he said. I’m very thankful for this night.

I will never forget how much this help from an acquaintance/stranger(ish sort of…. who now is obviously my bff ;)) has really helped adjust my life for the better (already!). And I can only hope to repay it, and/or pass it on at some point.

*One last contented sigh* 🙂

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