What Do You Think It Is I Miss About LA? – Part 2 (Entertainment Industry Stuff)

March 3, 2016

Picking up from last time –

I also wonder… I used to complain *so* much about the fact that we all worked in the same industry. I never met anyone who wasn’t doing entertainment stuff (’cause really, why else are you gonna live there?). LA was basically the biggest tiny town in the world.

And when I first moved here, and would meet people, and no one said they worked in entertainment, it felt magical – like there were unicorns everywhere.

(And then in other people’s eyes, you get to become your own unicorn, because people think you’re cool since they don’t meet people working in entertainment all day everyday. And that’s fun.)

But in my mind, if I’m a horse (because working in entertainment is my baseline normal to me), and then I see a unicorn, it’s like, “Whoa! a unicorn! How cool!”
Then I see more unicorns and it’s like, “Whooa! what magical fairy tale have I stepped into?!”

But then there comes a point where you are completely engulfed by unicorns and you’re like, “But wait. Where are all the other horses?”

It’s like I said the other day… kind of feeling like I’m in a foreign country with different mannerisms and ways to communicate and such.
And that can be fun and exotic, and I’m sure I can acclimate (hopefully).

But was there something in LA to – even though it got rull old sometimes, and sometimes a little too familiar, with the pressure of every person knowing every single other person – everybody being in the same boat with the same issues, with a lot of the same personality types and just the ability to understand each other?

I don’t know… I’m kind of just talking out loud…

How do these bi-coastal people do it?

I'd love to hear from you! So whaddya say?