The Rest Of B’s February Trip

Saturday, March 5th, 2016

(high school buds hanging out)My goodness I love and adore this woman. I know you know that, but it almost can never be stated enough.

Because really… I really love and adore her.


In addition to going with her to see Disaster! rehearsals, we went to see a couple of shows around town.

We got rush tickets to A View From The Bridge on Broadway – and we got to sit onstage. Oh la-la!

We also got a recommendation to see this smaller show in an auditorium at the New School to hear experiences about what it was like growing up Muslim – which was very interesting.

And, we went out after Disaster to the same place where the cast/crew/everybody was going – and we had a lil’ mini high-school reunion (that spanned many years – some of us didn’t even go to school together)! It was so fun! It’s great when you share things with people you don’t know – ’cause I felt I knew them! We all had something special in common. (And funnily enough, I’d either met or heard about everyone at the table – ’cause we always thought of people who’d graduated before us who’d played these great roles (such as Peter Pan, etc.) as famous to us, haha.)

Anyway, it was just a beautiful, gorgeous night where I felt really comfortable and happy and together with people.

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