…My Apartment Was Deemed The Best Apartment!

March 6, 2016

Every time B had come to visit any of the places I lived in the last however many years, she never stayed with me…

That all basically made sense (as I was young and living in squalor sometimes), until I moved into my sweet-business luxury building in Los Angeles. Everybody loved it there. And I always wanted to show it off. (And no matter how much time has passed or how close we get, I feel this constant overwhelming need to get her to like me. haha! …She’s just so cool.)

Anyway, she never stayed there, or anywhere else with me, because thus far, her kids have always lived where I lived. (It was weird how we kind of followed the same trajectory in our states – even when I moved to Massachusetts…)

Aaaaanyway, this time, there were some alums in New York she could’ve stayed with. But none of her kids were here. And I was the most Manhattan-y of the alums here. So, she stayed with me!

At some point earlier in this blog, I think I did a sad little rant, wondering if I should’ve taken that apartment at 46th & 8th (’cause that would’ve been so awesome. Let’s get real… I actually still regret it sometimes… including kinda now as I’m writing this blog post… But aaaaanyway…)

The point is, I was kind of lamenting to her, and she was all, “Are you kidding me?! We went to a Broadway show and easily walked home. You’re in a great area. You have space and a fabulous princess bed. I love it here!”

And I am now her go-to New York apartment! (She stayed here a weekend in January too, and said she’ll stay again.)

So, I really love her positive attitude. (I love that about everything she loves all the time.) And I love that I am her go-to NY apartment. It make me feel slightly better about my decision… (One of these days, I’m gonna live more right-in Times Square, I hope! But for now… she made me feel at least a little better… After all, I’m her go-to NY apartment… So, how bad could my decision have been…

(She wonders as she dreamily looks out the window thinking of 46th & 8th…wondering if she should’ve even written this blog post that originally seemed like the validation of picking the right apartment, when ultimately, she’s pretty sure there will never be official validation of that decision…)

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