Ah, What a Weekend!

Monday, March 7th, 2016

I had a whirlwind trip to LA over the weekend. I was trying so hard to fit everything in that I was making Denny’s plans at 2 and 5 in the morning, ’cause it was like, “We are finding time – even if 3am is the only time we have available!” with all the people I know and love.

I think I spent a grand total of 2 hours alone the whole weekend – when I napped on my couch (which was also lovely, ’cause it was just great to be home… even if the couch is something new that my roommates got since I’ve been away haha)

And I got to do 3 (count ’em 3!) performances in less than a 24-hour time span.

But worry not. I know I’ve talked (too much) about missing LA, but I am truly (finally!!!!) growing to settling into New York and of course, ultimately I love it. It’s the only place I’ve wanted to live since I was in diapers. And now I’m here. And that’s awesome.

LA would drive me crazy to live there, but it was looooovely to go home and visit (as I will do many times each year, I’m sure. I’m jazzed about being bicoastal-ish).

I’ve also got some cool, fun personal stuff in the works (such as training to be a mentor for a high school student who wants to get into entertainment).

So… I’m working at a job I love. I’m performing again (as I said, 3 times this past weekend :-)). I’m volunteering. I’m back to running more often. And I’m spending time with people I love – both in LA, and I’m making more plans and trying to cultivate more relationships in New York…

It only took a little over 5 months(!) (*wide eyes at the ridiculousness of that*), but it seems my life is finally falling into place 🙂 …Maybe haha. I’m on my LA adrenaline high where things look great. But I feel pretty good for now! And we’ll just seee…

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