(#30) and (#45) Flapper’s Yoo Hoo Room (March 5 and April 1)

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016

I kept booking shows at Flappers when I’d come back to Los Angeles. I’m still figuring out the whole stand up comedy thing.

On the one I did in March, the main thing I talked about was how one of our Santa’s died at the department store I worked in during Christmas season…

And when I called to tell my dad that it was (obviously) a big bummer, he said, “Sweetheart… What did you expect? Santa has to be one of the jobs most likely to have deaths… Think about the requirements. You have to be as old and as fat as possible.”

And people seemed to really laugh a lot at that. So, I feel like that could definitely be a thing I tighten up and think about for future sets.

Edited to add: It’s easiest to add my next performance at Flappers in here (even though it’s technically from the future). I know that makes my blog a little wonky. Sorry. Anyway…

In the next performances, I figured I’d tell this story about filing for unemployment in California, and having to call the Vietnamese line. The thing is, this was basically my whole entire plan. And it didn’t get a lot of laughs. And once I was a minute in to a 3 minute bit, I wasn’t sure if you power through and keep bombing, or just give up.

I chose to power through, hoping it’d get turned around. I’m still not sure if that was the “right” decision, but it did not turn around…

But at least the emcee said I was adorable when he did the next transition. (So, yay!)

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