Going To a Taping Of Last Week Tonight Is Magical! (Feb 21, 2016)

March 13, 2016

Aurora De Lucia laughing at a taping of Last Week TonightI had put a request in for tickets to Last Week Tonight when the window opened, because it’s an exceptionally hot ticket and I wanted to go!

I even have some writer friends on the show who couldn’t grab me one, because they only get an exceptionally limited amount for the whole season.

Once I hadn’t heard anything, I figured I just wasn’t getting tickets this go-round… until I got an email the morning of the taping!

I immediately wrote back, totally saying I’d be there. It was nice too, because I was already all dressed up to meet Cory Booker! What a day, huh? A book signing and then a taping!

At the taping, one thing that was so fantastic was that as long as you had tickets, you got to be let in.

I mean, they did make it pretty intense. They pretty much said, “If you confirm and don’t show up, we’re not ever inviting you back.”

I was a little nervous when I confirmed – I wanted to make sure there was enough time to meet Cory Booker (staying after his talk, and all… I wasn’t 100% sure how long the lines would be). But I figured I could make it, and wanted to jump on the chance to see Last Week Tonight while I was in town and tickets were available!

Anyway, when you go to a lot of shows, they overbook. (I got bumped at Ellen. I’ve seen people get bumped from our show. It’s totally a thing that happens.) But at Last Week Tonight, I just got let in!

Before the show, Jon Oliver answered some audience questions and oh my goodness he was charming! Just the most charming! There wasn’t a single answer that was just some boring straight-forward answer. All the answers had jokes and asides and just general cuteness.

In fact, there was a question about Jon Stewart that made a joke that happened to be on the show that night 400 million times funnier! It was so fantastic! The audience laughed like crazy at a line that already was completely spectacular – but that was somehow even more spectacular after that.

I also loooved to watch Jon while any taped pieces played because he gave amazing and huge facial expressions. It was also super fun just to watch him laugh. He has such joyous adorable laughter. And I thought about how if I’d been an editor that made him laugh all that much, that’d be pretty darn cool!

I absolutely loved going to a taping of that show. I would do it every week if they would let me!

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