Jon Stewart Changed My Life

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

(Note: This is kind of silly, because ultimately my immediate bosses are changing my life more than the man I’ve never met. But come along for the ride with me anyway?)

I watched The Daily Show for practically as long as I could remember.

Jon Stewart’s (and Colbert’s) show truly taught me a lot about our political system and current events (even if that’s perhaps a little silly that that’s how I was learning…or that I needed to learn so much – but how much did any of us (generally) know about Super PACs before Colbert? The shows are here for a reason – and they’re doing their job).

Jon Stewart’s shows also brought me oh so much joy (as things tend to do when laughter is being given to you each night).

When I first moved(-ish) to California and was subletting month-to-month, once the show I’d moved there for had ended, I desperately wanted to get back to the east coast.

When I heard Jon was doing the Rally to Restore Sanity, I thought, “that sounds amazing. I need to be there for that. I’m gonna go. Then I’ll bus up to New York, and I’m just gonna stay.”

And I did.

I used that rally as an excuse to take a flight across the country and just stay. I got a job on a cooking show (that I loved). And though I ultimately didn’t stay permanently (that time – I am back though!), I had a great time in New York.

And then – this is the real way in which he kind of changed my life (in less of a tangential kind of way)…

I have wanted for so long to be a part of a scripted show that makes people laugh – and preferably learn things, or be encouraged to see a new perspective or think about things differently… to work on a show that helps make a positive change in the world.

I have cold-submitted my resume more than once to The Daily Show… even applying as an intern (after I’d already joined the editors guild and everything) – which I realize is a little silly. I was just pretty ready to do practically anything to work there in any capacity. I wanted to be a part of it.

And finally (in a story you’ve already heard), I got a job at The Nightly Show.

It’s almost as though every time I get to come and live my little dream of living in New York, Jon Stewart is the one in the distance saying, “Come on over, Aurora. It’s great here.”

I still have yet to actually meet Jon (though I have generated some documents for him, since he is our EP). But now, I am finally in the Jon Stewart family(!). Making comedy every night. Living in New York City. Being proud that we’ve drawn attention on our show to some of the ridiculousness in this world (with the hopes of effecting some change).

I don’t think I’ve ever loved a job I’ve had more than I love this job in this moment. I am so happy. I am so content. And I love coming to work every single day.

It feels fantastic that my little fantasy has come true!

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