My First Day (Kinda!) As An Editor!

March 17, 2016

(Me at the board, my first day as the editor for headlines... My eyes are closed somehow... I guess that's what happens when you're running to BMI and don't have time to obsess about your angles and such. :-0)
(Me at the board, my first day as the editor for headlines… My eyes are closed somehow… I guess that’s what happens when you’re running to BMI and don’t have time to obsess about your angles and such. :-0)

This was a little weird because I technically had two different first weeks as an editor.

There was basically the secret first week. (I was pretty much on a trial basis for the first three weeks.) And then there was the real official first week (when I got in the credits and all that jazz).

Technically, the first day I got in the editing chair was February 22. And basically every day just got better.

On Monday, the 22nd, I got up early and went to the gym.

While I was working out, I was going over in my head how many frames of fade go on the date, how much padding to give the control room, what my options are when there’s a shot change in the pad, etc.

I put on my favorite pink dress, got to work a bit early, and got cracking. I was a little afraid to even leave my desk. I just wanted to be there perfecting things all the time.

This was also the day I got a glimpse into what I talked about here yesterday – the whole super being part of the show. People were in and out of my bay all day, and it just opened my eyes to, “oh, this is what being an editor on this type of show is like. There are 4 different people in here right now who need something from me right now.” You gotta think fast and prioritize. And it is so awesome and fun!

It was also very cute, because things weren’t super announced yet or anything, since I was technically in my trial. So I got all these soft quiet tiny congratulations as word sort of semi-spread. It was sort of an adorable fun way for it to happen – all these little spread out mini-celebrations instead of one cheer in a production meeting.

Once all the rolls were in, and everything looked good, I went to BMI that night. After class, I happened to go out with the librettists, and we had a rousing political discussions. And then one of my new friends in NY (not associated with BMI) came over and walked me all the way home from the Wall Street area to the upper part of midtown.

I gushed and gushed about how spectacular my new job was, and this person who really doesn’t even know me all that super well yet was so attentive with lovely questions, and it was just the best.

We even got to walk through Times Square (the most magical place in the world). (How is Times Square on my walk home? How am I so lucky?!)

And this is where I’ll pick up next time.

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