My First Two Weeks (Kinda!) As An Editor!

March 18, 2016

Somebody edited this... and that somebody is me! ;) (Credit: The Nightly Show/Comedy Central)
Somebody edited this… and that somebody is me! 😉 (Credit: The Nightly Show/Comedy Central)

Picking up from yesterday –

On Tuesday, Feb 23rd, I got to edit some clips of Hillary Clinton (as I’ve gotten to do many days since then), and I just thought,

“Am I the luckiest person in the world? This is my job! Editing clips of this woman I adore and look up to… This is my job! And I am so wildly happy.”

On Wednesday, Feb 24th, I made a montage (re: backdoor access (about an FBI thing)), that made Larry laugh! He laughed at it during rehearsal. Making the host laugh was a fantastic feeling.

On Thursday, I did 19 rolls by myself before rehearsal(!).

On my training day, I’d only been able to get through 8 of 16. (Guh.) And at the end of my first kinda real-ish week, I did 19!

My boss even came in to ask which ones she needed to give away. And we (me and the producer), were all, “None. We got this.” It was such a fantastic feeling!

There even was some extra effect-y type work (such as a highlight on security footage that moved all around). It was a sweet and busy day. I was on top of the world.

(Really. I think light was beaming out of me as I skipped through the halls, amazed how well it was all going.)

And then [dum dum duuuum – scary chords] Then there was “fateful Friday.”

I cried on the floor of my office – like straight up sobbed… on the floor. Because I no longer had the ability to sit in my desk chair with all the crying.

I’m kind of surprised I got any work done, ’cause I started and ended the day crying. (It was kind of okay though, ’cause it ended with the greatest pep talk of all time.)

What happened? Well, that’s not a story for the blog… If you want that, you gotta take me to Denny’s.

That following Monday continued on a shaky note… I didn’t even make it to BMI. (Again, Denny’s, and we’ll talk about it.) But on Wednesday, boom. Everything fell into place.

I officially moved into my editor office (the one next door to the one the temporary one I’d been in) on that Wednesday.

I heard a big noise on the outside of door. And my boss – my amazing, fantastic boss – was ripping off the nametag on the door. “This isn’t you!”

My boss is not playing around. She is making stuff happen, and I love her for that. (And so many other things. My goodness, I could do at least an entire post on how I have the best boss in the universe.)

And I’ll talk about my last (3rd) trial week next time.

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