Some Stuff I Learned As I’ve Been Moving Up To Editor

Monday, March 21st, 2016

I love the opportunity to learn more all the time!

And it’s fun, because in my first few weeks, it seemed like something new happens everyday.

For instance, acts 1 and 2 are usually edited by the control room. And the editors do act 3. (Now we have an editor who’s responsible for it every night; we don’t trade off anymore. But I’ve edited act 3 three times.)

Anyway, we don’t usually do act 1. But on this week, there were two takes of act 1, and there were different parts that were liked from each. So, while the rest of the show was going on, I was editing the different takes they wanted. (And ultimately, I got to edit the act, since it was going well and almost done by the time the show ended.)

Back when I edited act 3, my boss explained to me that we had to make our edits look as though the director was calling it on the fly (to match the rest of the act). So, you’d cut to things a half a beat late – to imitate a human hearing someone speak, then looking there.

But when it came to act 1, it’s a different mindset. It’s the scripted portion that the director can follow along with. So, that can be more exact.

Before this, I didn’t think about the fact that there were two styles of editing that went into the same show.

Another thing I’ve really learned now editing this type of show is, sometimes, when I’d watch The Daily Show, I’d see a jarring cut, and I’d think, “Whoa. These have to be some of the best editors in the world. How did such a noticeable cut like that get made?” (Note: That was very rare. I love The Daily Show and it looks beautiful way, way more often than not.)

Still, sometimes I’d wonder, “What happened there?” Well, now that I’m there and can see it, I can guess. “Uh, it was 10pm and the show had some kind of random problem, or taped late, or who knows what. And the point is, the show had to go out. So they just had a little jump ’cause they had to.”

I feel like I have so much more understanding now that I’m in it (which I guess is usually true about most things in life). Working under the gun, on a show like this, is just so cool. (I’m still pinching myself.)

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