Some Other Random Cool Stuff In My Transition To Big Time Editor ;)

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

It’s funny how quickly some things change.

In my first week, I was always at my desk – afraid to even use the bathroom. I always skipped lunch. But now, I feel in control.

There are still some busy days where I don’t grab lunch until rehearsal starts (a couple of hours after they call it), but overall, I can at least go pee without worrying that the world will crumble if I take my eyes off the screen for a moment.

I’ve gotten faster in every way. I’ve gotten faster with the keys and my shortcuts and all that jazz while I’m using Avid. I’ve gotten faster even making decisions of “Oh, there’s this problem with this clip. What’s the best way to fix it? Ba-bam! Immediate decision.”

In the first week, I ended every day feeling like I’d run a marathon. And already I feel like I’m just working – working hard, but able to totally handle it all.

A couple of really cool things happened too.

For one thing, someone sent me flowers! I have always dreamed of having flowers delivered to my work. And I guess somebody heard me talking about that, and poof! I got floooowers! I felt oh so super special.

Another thing – a super amazing thing – was that a writer on the show wrote an email saying a montage was “wonderfully edited.” It was an email to the producers on the piece as well. And he told us all it was a “usual first-class job.” How amazing is that to get a thank you email just for doing our normal job? I loved it!

Some other things that have been cool are that I often get to go down and watch rehearsal now. Part of my job is to watch the rehearsal to make sure my SOTs are playing correctly and looking good.

Sometimes I do get held up editing something and can’t make it down. But for the most part, thus far, I’ve gotten to go down and watch, which is suuuuuper cool! It’s nice to watch in a room of the most rapturous, happy audience members. I also love getting out and away from the monitor sometimes – to look at things in real life. (Sort of – I mean, I do watch the monitors in the studio a lot still, to see how my SOTs play. But it’s nice to be there in person, nonetheless.)

Also, going back to really feeling like I’m a part of something, I have really been accepted into fold, even at the highest level. For instance, the EP stopped by my bay to ask if we could build a montage. And Larry himself wandered over and talked with me and the senior producer in my office as he was waiting to go down for the show.

(My office is a cool office and people love to hang here!)

I know it’s been said, but I’m just so happy – so very, very happy.

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