My First REAL (Real, Real) Day As An Editor! (Part 1 – The At-Work Part)

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

Welp, I’d technically already been an editor for 3 weeks haha. And I was under the impression that my promotion was officially going through the following Monday (after 4 weeks). So on March 14 (Pi Day!), I got a very pleasant surprise!

A supervising producer (who does some of the line producer-type duties) paged me to call her.

So, I did, and she asked if I could come by her office.

This was about 50 minutes before the rolls were due, and there were still some to be done.

This was the moment I could tell that I truly loved my job. I wanted soooooo so so badly to sign the papers and have everything be official. And I was almost certain that’s why the producer was calling me. I wanted to run up there and get it done. Selfish Aurora wanted immediate gratification.

But! Editor Aurora wanted to make sure the rolls were perfect and that control room had everything they needed.

And that’s exactly what I did. I asked if I could come up later.

When I care about something so much that it supersedes those immediate desires of “I wanna win and be awesome!” then we know I really, really, really love it and super care.

After all the rolls were successfully in, and everything was done that needed to be before rehearsal, I re-called that producer to ask if it was a good time. And she said she’d just come to me.

Then she came in with my boss. (My boss said she’s not usually huge into celebrating things, but she knew how much I really wanted the fanfare of becoming a big time editor *trumpets blare,* so she came to be a part of it – which I thought was so cute and sweet.)

The supervising producer sat down and laid out everything my boss and I had talked about. I agreed. She congratulated me. My boss stood up and ripped my assistant editor name tag off the door. “We don’t need this anymore!” she said. (I love her and her dramatic name tag ripping flare.)

The paperwork from accounting came a bit later. I also got to add myself in the credits as an editor! (Don’t worry. The line producer checks the credits everyday. It’s not like I have ridiculous unchecked power…)

And there you had it. I was a big time editor…

It was funny, because I thought by the time I was “official” it would be kind of old news and wouldn’t seem as cool. But it was so cool! I was giddy. And people around were still super happy for me, even though it had already been happening for 3 weeks…

Most of the promotions I’ve seen have been announced in the production meeting. That part didn’t happen. So it was like the secret first day all over again… only less secretive. Where the official news kind of permeated around the building (much of which was just me telling people because I was busting with excitement. So, that felt a little weird to be spreading my own fantastic news. But I’ll talk about myself!).

And this is where I’ll pick up next time.

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