My First REAL (Real, Real) Day As An Editor! (Part 2 – The After-Work Part)

Thursday, March 24th, 2016
Aurora drinking Shirley Temple shots at Valhalla

(drinking Shirley Temple shots :-))

Picking up from last time –

Right after work, I rushed to BMI. I kind of hate to admit it, but it was sort of the last place I wanted to be on this incredibly special day. (And it was actually the final time I went – which is a story for another day, but definitely a story indeed.)

Anyway, I went to BMI. It is an exceptionally stressful place for me. I’d gotten to the point where usually I just sat in the back of the room during class making a list of the things I was thankful for in my life, to get me out of the bad headspace I was in during class.

During this specific class, it was packed, because we had the members of the librettist class in there as well.

So, there was basically no room. I couldn’t hide and make my beautiful list. I just sat there (and partially made my list in my head).

I stopped by the BMI bar for a hot second, because I felt like I should do something to celebrate.

And then I got a call from my friends in from out of town (one from LA and one from Canada), and I hopped in an uber to meet them.

I was supposed to meet them at Big Gay Ice Cream. (That’s where they were, and it was cool for me because that place had been featured on our show, yet I had never been there!)

Well, apparently there’s one by 7th Ave. and one by 7th St. And I most definitely ended up at the wrong one.

They had to get to Penn Station so Ryan (my Canadian friend) could get back to his friends in Jersey.

So, we met at Penn Station, and Ryan bought me a congratulatory Planet Smoothie(!) (aka my favorite thing in the world).

Jason and I ended up trying to find a bar where we could celebrate. I’m not usually a bar person. But we had to figure out something to do, and it seemed cool at the time. We called around bars in my neighborhood. And none would actually play The Nightly Show for us. (Boo.) But a guy at Valhalla was like, “Come here anyway. It’ll be fun.”

And it was! The bartenders made me Shirley Temple shots – and they were on the house for my big day!

Then one of the bartenders kept calling me “big time,” which of course I loved. And then he poked fun a bit, wondering aloud whether I really was an editor or if I was plying them for free drinks, because they weren’t watching to check!

then I got a tweet from him the next day with a screenshot saying my story checks out! I thought it was hilarious.

What a brilliant night.

Silliness, hilarity, and a good time with old friends and brand new friends alike. Yay!

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