My Trajectory At My Job – Part 1 (The Rough-Ish First Two Weeks)

March 25, 2016

Since I just got my promotion, I thought what a time to reflect on the last five months there!

My first two weeks here had some ups and downs. I don’t want to paint it like a complete mess. I definitely did really great at some things… but really not great on some others.

I was working a lot – even doing paperwork from my hotel room bed whenever I wasn’t there, giving as many spare moments as I could to this place.

I love my job, and wanted to show that in every way.

As has been covered, I was doing a million things – trying to figure out where I was going to stay each night, and where I was going to stay permanently. I felt I was constantly on emails or texts – pricing hotels, looking for apartments, and all that jazz.

My heart was in this job, but there were moments where my head wasn’t.

There was a ton to keep track of (personal life aside – just starting a new position that hadn’t existed here before me… building a job from scratch (during season wrap, no less)).

And some things slipped through the cracks a little…

An example of something not done super awesomely was when I did an export with the wrong settings [*wide-eyed embarrassed face*]. That was the biggest thing (’cause it was a looong export that took hours to re-do).

I remember thinking I was going to get fired that day.

There was a part of me that honestly thought I was going to have to change my name and go live in the mountains somewhere. I was not going to be able to show my face in New York or LA, after announcing I was finally in the Jon Stewart family, just to fail out. *shivers thinking about it*

After my first two weeks here, my boss and I checked in with each other. She was supremely patient and wonderful. (I adore her.) She had a very calm and helpful talk with me.

It would’ve been potentially easy for someone in her position to write me off and think, “too many little mistakes are happening. I’m over this girl,” and cut me loose.

Instead, she talked to me about life and work and expectations. She let me talk about what the first two weeks had been like for me, and she really listened. She talked about what they’d been like for her, and what she needed moving forward. And we got on exactly the same page.

(I will be forever grateful to her for seeing something in me – enough to hire me, and for seeing something in those first weeks to keep me around – which ultimately worked out great for everybody. (Yay!))

(Side note: Not only was she helpful and patient at work. She also let me borrow her air mattress until I got my bed. She’s the very best!)

And this is where I’ll pick up next time.

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