My Trajectory At My Job – Part 4 (Nervous The Timing Was Iffy…But It Was Actually Lovely)

March 28, 2016

Picking up from last time –

Anyway, getting back to kind of the editing trajectory (and I guess kind of the puzzle)… Not too long after I first got there, the department was expanding. (Heck, I was kind of part of the expansion.)

And there looked like there perhaps, maybe, just might be room for another editor (a scrappy young lady from the office over, perhaps?).

Some people joke about how working on a show like this is like getting on the Editing Supreme Court – you just stay ’til you die in this fantastic job.

(Not to say that I’ll stay literally ’til I die… Life is very long. But I do loooove this job and plan on staying for a very long time (assuming they will have me).)

Anyway, considering getting one of these jobs is like getting on the “Editing Supreme Court,” it was a little nerve-wracking thinking the only opening ever might come not long after I’d first started, and that the timing might just be too totally wrong for me. And I’d be an assistant editor for, who knows… the rest of time?

Granted, that would still be a respectable, lovely job (that I did enjoy doing).
But you still gotta dream right? [*dreamy musical theater eyes as she thinks about all she wants in this life*]

Ultimately, thankfully, the timing was not bad. Not bad at all.
It was even kind of perfect. Everything worked out perfectly. [*Even more dreamy, but less intense, musical theater eyes as she thinks about how happy she is*]

Have I mentioned… So happy!
So… let’s talk about that!

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