How’d I Get My Sweet Promotion At Work? (Part 1 – How It Started To Come About)

March 29, 2016

So, how did [*sings in the style of Ja’Net DuBois*] moving on up come about for me?

One Friday (which is the slower day, since we have shows M – Th), the editing staff went to lunch together.

(Fridays aren’t always slow enough that we can have lunch together, but this one was.)

One of the editors had pitched a field piece that was gonna be shooting, and she asked if she could go along to watch.

Our boss, in all of her awesomeness, said yes and that she (herself) could take over headlines while that editor was gone.

That’s when I piped in. “Could I maybe fill in for her that day?” (Leaning in, baby! ;))

My boss was up for that. She put it on the calendar(!), and I was stoked.

That day came, and there was a lot to learn as far as what control room needed, how it needed it, and tricks to make things prettier and faster.

The first day went okay. I only got through 8 rolls(!), and there were 16 for rehearsal. (So, another editor had to take the other half). That was embarrassing to me, but my boss said that it was totally along the lines of what she would’ve expected for a first day. And she seemed happy.

After that day, I started volunteering to edit more things – and she let me.

I did little pieces for the Internet, and a bumper for the show. I even got to edit the end of the show (3 times!).

It’s really amazing how when you put stuff out there in the world and work toward doing stuff, often times you will indeed get to do that stuff. (Not always… Of course.)) But in this situation, it worked out lovely.

And this is where I’ll pick up next time.

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